We Sell Batteries

If after boiling pasta and cutting vegetables, you come to know that there is no pasta sauce in your house, it can be quite irritating.

Same way, once you know that the ongoing trouble with your car is due to the dying battery, which can be solved only through battery replacement, and that the required new battery isn’t available at the moment, you would surely lose patience. But, we take extra care of our customers, and that’s why we would never let that happen! To become worthy of the tag “All under one roof” in a true sense, we provide an extensive range of automotive batteries.

“One size fits all” doesn’t work with the batteries, and hence we have the inventory, in which battery for every make and model of the car, SUV or 4WD can be found quickly. We also have the products of LION brand, which is considered to be a premium brand in the industry and comes with Australian wide warranty. Our objective is to sell and install genuine and affordable car battery in Shoalhaven including Huskisson, Nowra, and several other regions.

A quality battery is your best insurance while travelling and so you should never delay in getting the battery of your vehicle inspected if starts to show problems. And now with our automotive battery sale, we can guarantee to resolve all the problems efficiently. We also offer FREE battery testing and fitting.

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