Auto Electrical Service

“We are expert in correcting all types of mistakes in the auto electrical system of the vehicle” – What do you get by reading this sentence? Of course, you would rely on the service centre which claims this.

We also want to convey you the same, but we sincerely hope that you visit us personally and see it for yourself! This way, you would have a hard-core reason to depend on us for auto electrical service throughout Shoalhaven. Battery, starter, alternator, power steering, windshields, and some other components form the intricate auto electrical system. Yes, this system is ‘intricate’ as a problem occurring in one element can impede the functioning of the other/s.

Therefore, an auto electrician who can decode this phenomenon and is clear about the independent and dependent tasks of all the components is the only right person for the job. And our team comprises not one, but several such persons, who always stay self-motivated to render professional, friendly, and cost-effective service, for the auto electrical repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

From globe replacement to battery charging system, our workshop has all the latest diagnostic equipment which allow us to accomplish a variety of work in this field.

Auto Electrical Service in Calburra, Worrigee, Shoalhaven includes:

• Battery testing, replacement & installation
• Complete automotive charging system diagnostics and repair
• Starting system diagnostics, repair and replacement
• Power windows & central locking diagnostic and repair
• Air bag testing and repair
• Repairing and testing of anti-lock brake systems
• Trailer light installation and repair
• Lighting system testing and replacement

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